Set up by numbers of notable experts from metal printing and can making industry, Legend Metal Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company specified in metal printing and manufacturi......
Honest and trustworthy / Attentive service / Supply on time Continuous revision / Customer satisfaction / Harmonious development
We will do our job correctly and properly from the first time. Legend values the principle of people oriented and integrity.
·Definition=To meet the requirements
·The implementation of standards=No mistakes
·Measure=Do not meet the requirements of the price
·Measurement= price for not meeting the requirements.
A full set of imported plate equipment provides clients elegant printed products. Imported European machinery has the capacity of 300 cans/min. Auto online quality assurance system assures quality perfection.

Address:Baoding city, hebei province bao new road no. 8
Qiyi Eastern Road,Baoding China
Contact:HE SHUAI

Telephone:  0312-5800625 0312-5800623

Fax:  0312-5800617



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